Dennis and Velma Green have been trailblazers in the community of Savannah, Georgia for the past 26 years. The Greens have had a compassion for the youth and young adults since before the individual games of their children. They grew compassionately as they continued working in their community non-stop to bring strength to the city overriding the negativity. As of today, Dennis and Velma have restructured the youth into a minor-league mens basketball club. The Savannah Cavaliers Mens Basketball Club have developed a professional platform to showcase gentlemen from Savannah and surrounding counties and soon to be different states.

The mission of the organization is to help each young man develop, redefine, and un-bury any dreams and skills that has been buried or hidden from others. The principles for the Savannah Cavaliers is built on biblical principles and laws of the kingdom. Dennis and Velma, along with their children, are the promises and the answer that we honor and worship our heavenly father. As the owners, we stand on the promises of what God says about us. We shall continue to teach, mentor, parent, display, and develop the love for our people as well as help build and balance greatness. Begin to base your life on the things of God and not of man.

Philippians 4:13 God says that we can do all things through him who gives us strength.

Dennis & Velma Green



From the Owners Desk